Online event | Expert Session Series  /  May 04, 2021, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm CET

Reliability Testing of Electronic Systems - Requirements and Challenges

Electronics systems are based on multiple components and materials having different physical, thermo-mechanical or other various properties. Therefore, multiple mechanisms or intrinsic loads can interact with each other which have to be predicted by the reliability tests.

Reliability is a matter of research enclosing all stages of a product life cycle.
From a product development point of view, ideally the product lifetime matches the desired time frame. Reliability tests have to prove in advance that this will be the case.

This is a quite complex topic facing multiple challenges. For example, such tests have to represent load conditions over lifetime, ideally in highly accelerated manner depending on the applications which can be quite broad, ranging from consumer products up to the industrial and automotive industry. Mission profiles are therefore useful tools for describing the requirements for the product over lifetime. In addition an excellent understanding of the different possible failure mechanisms is necessary. An interdisciplinary science team is required for such a synergetic approach of these physics of failure.

This session will focus on the different aspects of reliability testing. The seminar will give an overview of some basic aspects in combination with examples from different application areas.