Learning Factory for EcoDesign

Professional product and service developers shall learn in the “Learning Factory for EcoDesign” how to eco-design products and services in a real production environment. During the training, participants will go through a human-centered eco-design process in a “hands-on” workshop in order to learn how to use eco-design tools and methods, which assess and minimize the environmental impact of products and services, and find new business opportunities. Information and links to these tools and methods will be also provided online for further use.

The “Learning Factory for EcoDesign” targets at product designers and developers, engineers, teachers, design lecturers, start-ups, SMEs, business model developers – in general, actors who are interested to learn how to adopt eco-design practices and profit from the opportunities arising around the circular economy.

Funding and Partner

The project is part of the EU-project EcoDesign Circle supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme and coordinated by the German Environment Agency (UBA). The project is conducted on behalf of UBA (environmental research plan – project code number 3715 37 309 0) and is co-funded by the Federal Republic of Germany.


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Obsolescence as a challenge for sustainability

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Environmental assessment of electronic products

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