Product Development Consultation


Technologien für Grüne Elektronik

Our core field of competence is the eco-design of new electronic products in information and communication technology or consumer electronics, lighting, industrial and automotive electronics, and sensor components. We take into account the entire lifecycle of a product from the raw materials, through the production of the components and the assembly, marketing and use phases to recycling and disposal.

For product optimisation we can offer:

  • Assessment of the environmental impact of your product and comparison with the legal requirements regarding eco-design
  • Recommendations for the priorities for product optimisation and the formulation of eco-design targets
  • Development of product-related eco-design measures
  • Formulation of design guidelines for individual product categories or specific topics, e.g. design for recycling
  • Transparent communication of environmental criteria

We base our recommendations on a broad spectrum of criteria (carbon footprint, life-cycle assessment, toxicity potential, screening methods), working in close cooperation with the technology departments of the Institute, and drawing on the expertise in the field of reliability.

Examples for eco-design projects with small and medium-sized enterprises include support for Better Energy Systems in the development of their Solio solar battery charger, on-going cooperation with the Irish company MicroPro in the development of their product line iameco, or the optimisation of more compact ballasts together with the company Thai Energy Conservation.



Sustainable electronic systems

Environmentally compatible design of electronics and IT


EUREF-Campus | 06/14/2018

Circular Design Forum

»Circular Design Forum« is an international conference on Circular Economy and Ecodesign. Organized by IDZ, the conference will take place at the EUREF campus in Berlin, on June 14. The forum supports the exchange of know-how and expertise, especially aiming at initiating innovation processes in small and middle-sized companies. Furthermore, it functions as a platform for designers, design institutions and companies to network and to establish new contacts.


Learning Factory for Ecodesign

The Learning Factory Ecodesign is a training open for professionals and teachers which aims to convey methods and tools to enable participants to design products and services for a circular economy.