Product Development Consultation

Thermal Management

Minimising the thermal resistance of packages by the design and optimisation of cooling concepts, taking into account high power losses, heat flux,and ambient temperatures.

Design Assessment and Optimization for Reliability

Using FEM analysis, alternative designs can be assessed and optimised in terms of reliability and durability.

Reliability Assessment of Electronic Systems

Reliability Monitoring and Management aims at ensuring the reliability of electronic systems. With wide-ranging expertise about standards and excellent metrological equipment we can analyse vulnerability, determine reliability parameters and provide system level assessments.

Reliability Assessment with FEM

Using FEM analysis, interconnection technologies and complex packages can be evaluated and optimised in terms of production quality, and reliability and lifetimeuse.

Analytical, Numerical and Experiment-Based Assessment of Electromigration in Electrical Contacts

Analytical, numerical and experiment-based assessment of electromigration and highly interdependent parameters (thermal and surface migration) in electrical contacts for weak spot analysis, design optimization and lifetime prediction


Environmentally compatible product design requires an interdisciplinary approachcovering the entire lifecycle of the product. We offer support with strategic decision-making in the development of electronicproducts.