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Newsletter on WEEE, RoHS, EuP, REACh

In recent years, environmental requirements for electronic products have been increasing steadily, both within the European Union and now also internationally. In addition, valid regulations are continually being adapted to the state of the art. Companies have to spend a considerable amount of time to make sure that these changes are taken into account in the development of their products and in their commercial operations for the various markets. As a provider of research services and consultancy, Fraunhofer IZM is involved in numerous processes relating to various aspects of EU legislation. You can benefit from the practical experience and expertise we have acquired.

Our offer for you
The newsletter supports managers, procurement, developers, and other personnel in companies which deal with legal conformity. It provides a general overview of legal specifications and discussions about adaptations to the state of the art. You can follow these discussions, identify development trends in good time, and possibly also express your own interests.

A separate section describes the specific effects of these regulations on your range of products. This helps you to assess the consequences of the changes for your company.

The subscription newsletter has several issues every year, depending on the number and extent of the adaptations made to the legislation. Let us know what information you are interested in and we will make you a tailored offer. In addition to the newsletter, we can also advise you personally if necessary.