Deformation Analyses

image teaser Si-Wafer
© Fraunhofer IZM
Warpage analysis of molded Si -Wafer
image Grauwertanalyse / Grayscale Deformation analysis
© Fraunhofer IZM
Grayscale Deformation analysis of crack tip field

It is important to know about the behaviour of electronic components in real-life conditions, when reliability is to be assured. One aspect is a possible deformation of the whole component or even parts of a system like single materials or substrates. The in-plane und out-of-plane deformation of materials or composites due to external loads or internal stresses can be investigated. Moreover the results can be used to validate FE-simulation results or to use a combination of FE-Simulation and measurement in order to control and reduce the observed warpage effect.

Different optical measurement methods are available to address different test conditions, resolution and specimen sizes. They can be selected depending on the components to be investigated and the field of application. For example the following tasks can be solved:  

  • Measurement of topography, roughness and waviness of modified surfaces
  • Determination of warpage with or without thermal load
  • In-Plane Measurements of deformation and geometry with and without thermal load
  • Multiscale analysis of longitudinal and transversal strain of mechanically loaded components





Reliability evaluation with FEM

To identify weak points in the early stages of development, or to obtain the optimum geometry under consideration of external loads, finite element simulation (FE) are applied.  


Mechanical and Thermal Characterisation of Materials

Precise materials data form the basis for reliable products. Understanding the properties of materials and knowledge of the relationship between production processes, stresses and failure mechanisms makes it possible to improve processes and products.

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