Key Research Area

Technology-Oriented Product Design

Thanks to miniaturization, new and more multifaceted functions can be integrated into products and components. Technology-oriented product design is at the forefront of this trend, developing the methods, tools and experience necessary to design more complex and intelligent products.

Currently, the most important product group is autarkic sensors and the associated network infrastructure, along with optical monitoring equipment.

Apart from developing an appropriate sensor housing, the task of technology-oriented product design is to select the optimal sensor elements, the required sensor technology, the power supply and the communication technology for a particular product development.

The development process can be divided into three steps: design concept with story board, system design, and housing development. Using functional demonstrators, we assess the experimental feasibility of the future product’s intended functionality. Generally a product sample is subsequently developed.

A key research area is multifunctional system housing. The electronic and communication components are placed in the housing, while the sensors are integrated into the housing’s walls with contact to the surrounding environment. This basic structure is similar in miniaturized optical monitoring devices. The housing may also include control and display components (screen, foil keyboard, mechanical switches).

In recent years we have specialized in opto-spectrometry hand-held devices, covering the development and integration of special optodes, microlight sources and optoelectronic detectors.

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Projects: Technology-Oriented Product Design


In this project, we developed a modular design and development platform for autarkic optical hand-held scanners. The technology uses optical spectrometry to detect and assess a vast range of organic materials.


We are developing a wireless sensor system with self-sufficient power supply for power lines, which can monitor entire transmission networks to optimize throughput capacities.

FishFIT Monitoring – Integrated Microsystem Technology in Water

In the FishFit project, we developed and tested a miniaturized wireless sensor system as monitoring application for many areas of biosciences and engineering.