Working Groups

RF Materials & Interconnects

The RF Materials and Interconnects working group applies holistic methods for the characterization and design of packaging interconnects and the dielectric characterization of materials in high-frequency technology. It possesses particular expertise in the accurate determination of permittivity and dielectric loss tangent of materials for frequencies reaching the THz range.

Available services:

  • Metrological dielectric material characterization in relation to frequencies and temperatures
  • Support for the selection of dielectric materials suitable for the target application
  • HF characterization and design of package interconnects to match the chosen technology and the unique requirements of the specific application
  • Calibrated HF (up to 500 GHz) measurement of packaging structures

High-frequency characterization of packaging technologies

  • Comprehensive expertise in the area of high-frequency properties
  • Intensive cooperation with technology specialists to accurately reflect the chosen packaging technology
  • Design of HF interconnects using the M3 approach (vias, BGAs, Lines, wire bonds, plug connections etc.)
  • Application of numerical methods (full-wave FEM) in the design process to capture HF effects as completely as possible
  • Strong emphasis on HF metrology when validating or verifying proposed HF structures (up to 500 GHz)
Hochfrequenz- Charakterisierung, Design & Optimierung von Packaging-Technologien und Interconnects
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Dielectric characterization and development of HF materials

  • Metrological detection of permittivity and loss factors for metallized and non-metallized materials for frequencies up to the Terahertz range
  • HF design of planar structures with full consideration for ageing mechanisms
  • Determination of the impact of temperature on permittivity and loss factors