Key Research Areas

Integration of Electronics into New Materials

With the trend to customize electronic modules for specific applications, there is a need for integration technologies in new materials which are new in microsystem technologies. Materials like paper or lignin can be required due to ecological reasons or for applications in wood and paper industry. Thermoplastic materials are applied for instance where subsequent lamination processes are performed. Other applications may require the integration in textiles.

For each of these areas a specific integration technology has to be developed as the requirements regarding materials and process parameters vary. The available equipment together with the competence in chip preparation, integration and analytics allows the development of new qualified integration processes.

Projects Relating to Integration of Electronics into New Materials

Wood Logistics

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IFF IZM-scientists have developed a method to utilize radio frequency identification technology (RFID) for wood logistics (German).

Textile-integrated Electronic Systems

Textiles are an indispensable part of our everyday life. They are not limited to clothing made of fabric, knits and fleece, but also include technical textiles and composite materials. They withstand extreme stresses during washing and have many different functions while being light and highly flexible.