Process and Product Development


Current research into assembly technologies focuses on the mounting of SMDs down to 008004, area array packages, and flip-chips, with the smallest chips reaching edge lengths of 180µm, monolithic processors up to 40x40 mm², or chiplets. Additionally, the handling of voltage sensitive MEMS components is being researched. A range of substrates is used for mounting, from conventional PCBs to flex or 3D stack solutions with exceptional precision for mounting sensor components. For Fan-Out Wafer / Panel-Level Packaging, bare dies can be mounted quickly and precisely on large-format carriers (up to 610x457 mm² PCB formats).

Available technologies include the application of solder balls for bumping chips, wafers, and area array packages.

Active research into method development for Industry 4.0 or AI/ML-driven process optimization benefits from the “Material dosing – mounting – reflow” process chain.


  • ASM Siplace CA4 – High speed large area assembly
  • ASM Nucleus - Large area bare die assembly
  • Datacon 2200 Evo Advanced – High precision bare die assembly (face-up / face-down)
  • Fineplacer - High precision prototyping
  • Wagenbrett WB 300 – Solder ball application
  • PacTech SBB - Flexible solder ball jetting 
  • Rehm Vision XS nitro 2100 - Reflow oven
  • Budatec VS320 – Active-atmosphere vacuum chamber oven


SiEvEI 4.0

Trusted data acquisition in microelectronics manufacturing as a basis for ML-optimized processing.

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Assembly and encapsulation


Process and product development