Hermetic MEMS & Sensor Packaging

The combination of active or passive TSV silicon interposer wafers with cap wafers by wafer to wafer bonding technologies offers new possibilities for hermetic wafer level packaging of MEMS components. Based on its 200 mm / 300 mm compatible advanced wafer level packaging process lines, Fraunhofer IZM can support such new hermetic wafer level MEMS packaging concepts.

Process scheme

The process scheme includes TSV formation into passive interposer or active CMOS wafers including wafer thinning and thin wafer processing on temporary carrier wafers for TSV back side reveal and RDL / contact formation at wafer back side. Following, the MEMS are assembled onto the back side of the thin TSV wafer which is done by sequential or collective die to wafer bonding. Additionally, cap wafers are manufactured with recesses and metal bond frames to fit exactly to the corresponding TSV wafers with the mounted MEMS. Finally, the cap wafers are bonded to the TSV wafers using a dedicated soldering regime. With that, all mounted components can be hermetically sealed in inert atmosphere or vacuum.

R& D services

With in this research field, the department WLSI offers a broad spectrum of services. For specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Interposer technology for MEMS substrate
  • CMOS post processing with TSV and metallizations for wafer level packaging
  • Definition of process flow and design
  • Reconfiguration of MEMS devices on temporary carrier
  • Wafer level assembly
  • Wafer to wafer bonding
  • Hermetic packaging for MEMS
  • Selection and analysis of interconnects materials

Projects in this research area


Wafer-level fabrication of a MEMS package