Packaging for Medical Engineering

At Fraunhofer IZM we strive to be a one-stop-shop solution provider for customers from research and industry in search for miniaturized integration of microelectronic, microsensory, microfluidic and micro-optical systems.

Leveraging the institute´s vast portfolio of integration techniques, the customer can expect to obtain unbiased consutancy, fast and first-pass-success prototypes as well as qualified manufacturing proven processes to allow fast transition to clinical trials and series production. Interfacing implanted devices with biological tissue is a central research topic, where bio-inert, bio-compatible and bio-mimetic surfaces are investigated with respect to clinical applications, using ISO 10933 standard procedures early in the development stage.

Alongside to assist in the miniaturization of implanted and non-implanted micro-systems, Fraunhofer IZM collaborates in industrial projects as well as in third party funded projects on embedded sensors to create “ambient assisted living” functionality (e.g. drop-sensors for the elderly) as well as to enable “personal assisted health” products, like vital parameter monitoring devices for chronic patients.

Fraunhofer IZM has routine collaborating with industry in market sensitive areas. Protecting joint IP, assisting in patent application via the Fraunhofer patent department and keeping joint know how confidential is standard procedure and leveraged to maximize the market reach of the partner´s product

Imaging & Microscopy has published an article about lensless microscopy by Fraunhofer IZM’s Moritz Huble in its current online issue!

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