Lab Course  /  09/01/2019  -  11/30/2019, t.b.d.

Environmental Radar 

Contents of the Workshop

  • Theoretical foundations of high frequency technology with particular focus on radar applications 
  • Basics of radar sensors, configurations and applications
  • Use cases for radar technology and their application
  • Trends in radar technology and prospective use cases

This workshop offers a comprehensive introduction into radar sensor technology. It introduces the necessary fundamentals of high frequency technology with particular emphasis on radar systems and outlines the functions and various applications of essential components of radar systems. A focus lies on the special conditions for applying the technology, including environmental factors in the detection area and depth resolution. We also consider the impact of new technologies on the evolution of radar sensors systems.

Contents of the Lab Course

  • Component selection 
  • Operation of radar sensor components 
  • Design of a 24 GHz radar system 
  • Identifying and analyzing defects and their causes

This lab course familiarizes you with the different compo-nents of a radar system in terms of their function and possible application. You will build and use a 24 GHz system as a teaching model to learn about typical faults and understand their root causes and suitable strategies for avoiding them. You will conduct your own tests and get acquainted with the versatile applications of radar systems. You will also learn to handle relevant interferences and master the modules’ specific challenges.