Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Cu-TSV Interposer Wafer

Double sided processed 12" wafer with structures enabling electrical characterization of high frequency applications


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Glass Interposer Wafer

Test structures on a 12" wafer


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Released Multi-Layer Flexible Substrate

High Density Multi-Layer 12" Flex Substrates


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Thinned wafer

Enhanced wafer thinning and stress relief technologies for ultra-thin wafers (> 20 µm).


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Wafer Level Flip Chip Assembly

Die to Wafer (D2W) technology on 12" wafers


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

3D Chip Stack

3D chip stacking (1+9) with TSV test dies


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Silicon Interposer Test Wafer with HF Structures

for Material Characterization  


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Interposer Module

SiP with ASIC and MEMS on Si TSV interposer (100 μm)


Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

Microfluidic Cooling

double-sided liquid cooling technology by innovatively integrating horizontal and vertical microfluidic channels


Exhibits by IZM-ASSID

Ultrasonic Measurement System

with Si Interposer, realized within the public funded project Admont


Exhibits by IZM

Sensor Packaging for IoT systems

Multiproject-wafer with 66 Fan-in WLP realized within the project USeP