High-Precision Assembly of Micro-Optical Components

Automated assembly and alignment of micro-optical benches and assembly platforms; laser beam forming

Micro-Optical Benches/ Industrial assembly equipment by Ficontec
© Fraunhofer IZM
Industrial assembly equipment by Ficontec
Image - Assembly
© Fraunhofer IZM

The OIT – Optical Interconnection Technology working group handles the automated assembly and alignment of micro-optical benches and chassis like circuit boards or ceramic and glass substrates. One specific application requiring absolute precision in assembly and gluing / soldering is the integration of lens arrays on laser diode bars with multiple emitters.

Industrial assembly machines

The Ficontec assembly equipment used by the working group can achieve optimum laser coupling with precisely collimated and aligned free beam or fibre coupled lasers (fast and slow-axis collimation and focussing).

Our competences = Your advantage

Extensive automation allows the cost-efficient and fast assembly of even complex optical paths with filters, prisms, and mirrors in standardized photonic platforms. Possible applications include the compact design of coherent receivers in telecommunications.

The assembly machines are designed for industrial use and allow flexible applications from prototype and pre-production manufacturing to small-batch production.

With long-standing empirical experience in photonic assembly and interconnection technology, we are your partner for complex process and product development. We can support you with the optical components capabilities we have added to our established Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) portfolio.

A versatile range of interconnection processes, materials, and components is at your disposal to turn your product vision into real-world success. All joining and interconnection processes can be tested for the typical conditions in industrial operations. Additional test cycles for more rugged environments can be implemented, including destructive tests with later analysis.

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