Optical beam anaysis

Characterization of output beams such lasers, fibers and lenses.

Refractive index

Mode spectroscopy and RNF

LED Spectral and angular analyser

The spectrometer CAS 140B offers a wide range of capablities useful in research and development, production testing and quality control.

Optical Design

Zemax® is a simulation software used for optical design.

Brightness and radiance measurement

Automated brightness and radiance measurements for displays, LEDs and OLEDs

Spectrum analyser & integrating sphere

Beam power & luminous flux

Near-field photo-goniometer

Nearfieldphotogoniometer Rigo801

Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR)

The “OBR 4600“ distributed by LUNA Technologies uses swept-wavelength coherent interferometry to measure peaks related to reflections as a function of length in an optical system.

Qualification of microlenses on wafer level

The usage of glass material for the development of micro-optics via the microsystem technology platform is increasing drastically compared to the standard polymer techniques.