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Satellites and space

Starting with enormous mechanical stresses during the journey into space, through cosmic radiation, to the demand for long-term use under the complex conditions of space: making electronics suitable for space can indeed be "rocket science".

To ensure high performance in applications outside the Earth's atmosphere, electronic systems must be reliable, vibration-resistant and lightweight at the same time. 

With Fraunhofer IZM's hardware expertise and experience, we are your partner for electronic packaging for satellites, key technologies for manned spaceflights such as health monitoring, and data transmission solutions. By using our proven processes in the field of robust 3D systems, back-end wafer processing, high-frequency and intelligent sensor systems as well as reliability testing, technologies meet the high demands of space.

We look forward to winning you as experts for collaborations and welcoming you to our broad network of partners from industry and academia.

Solutions for conformable electronics:

  • manned space flights using flexible and stretchable electronics
  • Health monitoring in harsh environments.

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Solutions for wireless communications:

  • Intersatellite Communication
  • Satellite-to-Ground Communication

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Solutions for sensors and actuators:

  • Back-end wafer processing
  • Sensor technology for space applications

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Solutions for Reliability:

  • Harsh Environment (including sensor technology for cryogenic operating conditions)

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Reach out to us to find solutions to the challenges of space-qualified electronics.