Innovation Workshop

Future-Proofing Products with Cutting-Edge Technology

Fraunhofer IZM customers rely on our institutes's Innovation Workshops to help them identify new technology and design enhancements that can improve the value-added potential of their products. The goal can vary - a fully developed concept for a new, cutting-edge product, an optimized process for adapting existing manufacturing processes or the specification of materials that meet the required technical parameters. Our Innovation Workshops avoid the cookie cutter approach - we consider each workshop a unique challenge, which is why our experts start by assessing all the ins-and-outs of the existing or planned product or application area. Once every aspect has been factored in, we hold detailed discussions with the customer to develop a specially tailored plan of action that is both realistic and effective.

The customer also chooses the workshop venue - either Fraunhofer IZM’s well-appointed Berlin headquarters or on-site at the customer’s center of operations.