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Industry 4.0

The factories of the future need to be smart, adaptable, efficient, and sustainable. The idea of an Industry 4.0 was born to tackle this technological challenge with its focus on promoting the digitalization and automation of industrial manufacturing.

Accelerating and automating routine jobs. Simplifying and optimizing decision making processes. Using our valuable resources more mindfully: Industry 4.0 thinks big and covers e.g. smart connections between autonomous, knowledge-driven production technology (robots, internal logistics and storage systems, operating materials etc.) and business processes. It empowers manufacturers to offer unprecedented levels of customization with their smarter and extremely flexibilized production facilities. Customers and business partners are integrated far more immediately than ever before into business processes and the value chain. Intelligent monitoring and decision making processes help manage and optimize individual enterprises and entire value creation networks in real time. As sensors are becoming ubiquitous in virtually any component of the manufacturing ecosystem, data and information is beginning to flow between them. This real-time communication of vast amounts of data can make existing processes far more efficient than ever before.

Intelligent connections between e.g. goods and their means of transport can optimize costs and save resources in commercial logistics. Factories gain early warning systems that can detect and potentially prevent machine failures. Potential applications also include energy management or smart grid / smart building ecosystems.

Fraunhofer IZM works with its partners in industry to actively shape the coming fourth industrial revolution. Its researchers are developing the technological solutions that enable electronic components and systems to create this vision of smarter, more flexible, energy-efficient, and truly connected manufacturing.

Sensors and Actuators

  • Modelling, simulation, design, and system integration of sensor modules and autonomous, wireless high-performance sensor nodes and gateways, based on wafer-level and panel-level technologies | more info
  • Energy supply solutions for sensors (storage, energy harvesting, autonomous power supply) | more info

Wireless Communication

  • Design and integration of (miniaturized) antennas and antenna arrays | more info
  • Design and integration of photonic systems | more info
  • Design and integration of ultrasound systems | more info

Environmental and Reliability Assessments

  • Heat management and reliability assessments | more info
  • Durability and life cycle assessments
  • Evaluation and optimization of energy and material efficiency
  • Cost modelling | more info

Hardware Security

  • Hardware security and safety concepts with advanced packaging and system integration technologies

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Sample Projects:


ASTROSE® is a wireless sensor network for the monitoring of high and extra high voltage power lines.


Tracking down polluters - Fraunhofer bolsters wastewater protection efforts

Zero Power Electronics

Mit der Entwicklung einer extrem energieeffizienten und modularen Hardware wird in einem Fraunhofer-Leitprojekt die Basis für ein flächendeckendes Internet der Dinge geschaffen.


Universal Sensors Platform