Large Diameter Cleaver

Also for „non standard“ Fibers, adjustable cleaving angle

The fiber cleaving machine LDC200 by Vytran LLC (TM) is capable of precisely cleaving optical glass fibers with diameters in the range of typically 80 - 1250 µm. Cleaving is performed with a high repeatability by tension-scribing on the cladding.

Fibers with special micro structures in the core (such as Photonic Crystal Fibers – PCF) can also be cleaved.

After manual loading and clamping of the fiber, a certain torsion on the fiber can be imposed by a motor (rotational accuracy up to 0.1°). By applying a defined torsion like this during the cleave process, slanted fiber cleaves of up to 15° vs. regular end faces can be produced, with a cleave-to-cleave repeatability of typically better than 1°.