The „FSM100 100P+ ARCMaster“ from Fujikura is a complex splicing tool. It can be used for cohesive fusing of two optical waveguides. Therefore optical fibers of equal or different type, like singlemode, multimode, large core fiber, polarization maintaining fiber etc, can be used. The fibers can be aligned in an automated or manual process where a defined tilt and rotation is possible.

The large varieties of process parameters that can be controlled by the operator allow a high degree of customizability. Special geometries like fiber lenses, fiber tapers, fiber cones, fiber tips, etc. can be manufactured. This opens a broad variety of applications.


  • Single mode and multimode fibers for telecommunication and sensor technologies
  • Splicing of large-core fiber with a cladding diameter up to 1200 µm
  • Splicing of special single mode fibers with reduced cladding diameter down to 80 µm
  • Splicing of polarization maintaining fibers (Panda, Bow-Tie, Elliptic-core) with an angular accuracy of better than 0,5 °
  • Splicing of non-circular fibers and multi-core fibers
  • Processing of fibers with short cleaving length down to 3 mm
  • Mechanical protection of splice by bend protection or fiber protection sleeves with a length down to 13 mm

Depending on the application alignment methods like end-view fiber observation, outline alignment or v-groove positioning can be selected.

Due to automated processes a high reproducibility is achieved.