Polymer assembly and structuring technologies for optical and fluidic applications

In its work on polymer-based optical packaging and interconnection technologies, Fraunhofer IZM investigates technologies and processes for constructing photonic assemblies by gluing and polymer fiber bonding and the structuring of polymers by hot stamping.


Measuring adhesive shrinkage

Characterization of adhesives and adhesive systems for photonic assembly and interconnection technology


Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Stereolithography or SLA is a 3D-printing technology used to turn polymer-based functional materials into precisely engineered parts or tools.


Design and manufacturing of planar polymer optical waveguides

Polymeric materials are essential components of modern and cost-effective microoptic and opto-electronic systems. Their spectral transparency and reliability are optimal for certain applications.


adhesive tapes for chip integration

Thin double-sided adhesive tapes offer bonding solutions at room temperature to integrate planar chips with mismatched thermal expansion coefficients. Well-defined microscale shapes can also be transferred to the tapes using pulsed laser irradiation.


Picolitre dosing system for applying liquids to substrates in photonic applications

The innovative dosing technology can handle liquids with a range of viscosities (from 200 mPa*s to 10000 mPa*s) for a flexible choice of materials.