Research Areas

3D Packaging on Component Level

Fraunhofer IZM researches a wide variety of technologies that are related to 3D packaging. IZM’s portfolio ranges from 3D specific tools for system design and simulation to technological system realization on wafer, component and module level to strategies for test and qualification of 3D assemblies. Technology examples are realization of chip stacks and adapted wire bond strategies, assembly of Chips on Si-wafers or Si-interposers, packages that allow 3D stacking (package on package – PoP) or the embedding of components and functional blocks inside laminated or molded substrates.

To analyze package quality achieved and also to determine the reliability potential of newly developed 3D technologies adapted tools as X-Ray CT, Ultrasonic-CT and warpage testing under temperature load are used – in addition to standard qualification tools and reliability test methods. Physical reliability characterization is working synergistically with FEM based tools for reliability assessment and MTTF simulation to gain detailed insight into package performance.