Wafer Level System Integration




  • Back grinding tape lamination
  • Wafer backgrinding
  • Polishing
  • mechanical blade dicing
  • laser grooving
  • laser stealth dicing
  • wafer edge trimming

High-Density Assembly

  • Fine pitch assembly for pixel detectors
  • Interconnect metallurgy and processes
  • Chip stacking
  • Fine pitch flip chip (FC) assembly & die bonding
  • Wafer-level solder ball attach (100 – 500 μm)
  • Evaluation of low-temperature assembly technologies
  • Evaluation of flux-free solder connections with self-alignment capability
  • Reliability investigation of flip chip interconnects

Failure Analysis & Reliability Investigation

  • Metrology: Bump heights / TSV depth measurement, defect inspection, topology, layer thickness, wafer thickness & bow/ warp (VIS), wafer thickness (infrared), die warpage measurement, physical failure analysis
  • FIB / REM imaging


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ISO 9001

The department part in Moritzburg (IZM-ASSID) is working with an ISO 9001 certified management system to guarantee  highest quality standards.